Our Mission Statement


We are Christian Catholic and must not be afraid or ashamed of who we are or what we believe in. Our faith is about Jesus, the Holy Trinity, the Sacraments, the Pope, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Saints and all the Roman Catholic Church can offer. We need to spread the message, and what better way than to wear it?











To Evangelize Through What We Wear


About eleven years ago I was at a Catholic Conference and I saw many people young and old, men and women, boys and girls on fire for the Lord, praising Jesus, praying and singing. What I noticed was that many of them wear wearing clothing advertising things like name brands, music brands, food, and many other things. It was on that occasion that I had an inspiration, "Why not to evangelize through what we wear?" A few years ago, in July 2003, I talked to Fr. Claudio De Augostini, my Parish priest and good friend, about my project. With his blessing and encouragement I came out with five designs for T-shirts and caps. I put some money into it and presented material that was enthusiastically accepted by man people. Each design is accompanied by a written explanation of what it means. So, if you are wearing one of these T-shirts or caps, and you are asked about the symbols or words printed on it, you know how to answer. This is a wonderful way for you to evangelize through what you wear.

We are a Catholic family blessed by God in many ways. My name is Francisco J. Rodriguez and my wife is Enedina. We have been married for twenty three years and have two children Adrian and Andres. We are active members of St. Peter's Catholic Church in San Pedro, California.









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